Mike Clayton

I am a golfer, and whilst many habitually describe those who used to play for money as ex-professional golfers, one is never thus. You just don’t do it anymore. I still play though, primarily for the companionship of friends both young and old, the beauty of a wonderful golf course and the thrill of a nice swing and finding the middle of the club.

I have been fortunate to find other lives in golf, as a writer, a designer of courses and occasionally I go all the way back to the beginning as a young boy caddying at Eastern Golf Club and carry the clubs of much younger friends aspiring to be great players. Giving Su Oh, the first Australian woman to hit a shot in the Olympic games, the wrong club off the first tee in Rio wasn’t exactly the high point of a brilliant week.

My love, though, is golf courses, and my purpose is making new and old enduringly interesting to play, and beautiful places to both walk and play the best game of them all.