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Daniel Andrews, State Premier of Victoria

          Years ago I was interviewed about my love of golf. Playing, reading, studying ... in short I confessed to being a complete tragic. Toward the end of the interview, the obligatory 'who would you like to have a hit with?' Answer: 'Mike Clayton'. Just a few days later, the call came. In the decade that's followed, Mike has put up with my poor play and my obsession. He's also confirmed my view that he's among the most knowledgable, passionate and talented people in the game. He has a rare depth of experience on Tour, as a journalist, as a writer and as a designer. With a great eye and a photographic memory for holes and courses to match, he is influential and enthralling. 'Clayts' is a rare combination of talent and passion. Golf is so much better because of him.

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Derek Duncan, Feed the Ball Podcast

           One of the guiding lights of golf twitter is Mike Clayton, whose clear-eyed succinct observations are routine reminders of how important it is to protect the integrity of the game and it’s architecture while simultaneously laying bare organisational hypocrisy regarding rules and equipment […]Over the last twenty years he’s led several golf course architectural firms […] He is also a beautiful and riveting author - the kind of architect-player-writer that doesn’t seem to exist much anymore. Last fall, he released a collection of essays, along with co-writer Charles Happell, titled Preferred Lies and Other True Golf Stories. It you haven’t ordered a copy yet, you MUST. It’s one of the most ribald, entertaining and insightful golf books I have. I picked it up and didn’t put it down until I’d finished it two days later. Clayton is, by far, one of the most literate, passionate, experienced and knowledgable people in the game. If there’s such a thing as a divine spirit that flows through golf and unites all of us, Clayton embodies it […] Getting inside Clayts’ mind, and just listening to him speak about anything related to golf and golf architecture - to hear his passion - is worth the time […] …Mike Clayton, whom I consider the moral conscience of golf.

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World Atlas of Golf

          Mike Clayton is one of modern golf’s true renaissance men. He first made his name as a player, winning the 1978 Australian Amateur before claiming eight titles on the European and Australasian Tours. Today Mike enjoys the rare status of being recognised among the southern hemisphere’s best golf writers […] and among it’s very finest course designers, giving him a unique perspective into great courses worldwide.

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