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Statement - Mike Clayton

When John Sloan, the late Bruce Grant and I formed Michael Clayton Golf Design in 1995 it began what has been a long career in the business of golf course design. They both thought there was room for an honest, forthright (even if it proved controversial at times) voice in Australian golf. It gave me an opportunity to work with them at many of the finest clubs in the country. Much of what we were able to achieve was worthwhile, and even game-changing.

In 2010 the business morphed into Ogilvy Clayton and five years later, into OCCM, where we continued the quality of work.

It is however time to move on. I am excited for what lies ahead and I aim to continue to make a significant contribution to the game around the world. My partnership with Mike DeVries and Frank Pont, and the formation of Clayton DeVries & Pont, is both an exciting development and an opportunity to work with two men I have long admired. I am looking forward to collaborating with them in Europe, The United States and Australia.

With the help of a number of treasured relationships I have made over many years working in Australia, I also fully intend to continue to work with local clubs - both ones where I have had long and valued associations; and with new clients looking for wise counsel - and as Bruce Grant always used to say - “good work”.

Finally, I want to thank the many people who have supported my work, and Debbie and me personally, thus far. They have added immeasurably to my life in golf, and beyond. I am more grateful than words can say.

Mike Clayton

17th October, 2019


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